10 Reasons why PU Leather is better than skins

PU leather is simply artificial leather. It was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use real animal skin. It is safe to say that when you see a backpack that says it’s made with PU leather, it’s not authentic leather. There are a number of ways to make PU leather but the most common one is to use split leather and combine it with polyurethane then paste it on to a surface. Although PU leather is different from genuine leather, there are still a number of similarities with the real thing. After all, PU leather was created to fool your sense of sight and touch.doitright backpacks against genuine leather

1. Skins are toxic. To keep them from decomposing in your closet, fur and leatherare loaded with dangerous chemicals—including mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and finishes—some of which are cyanide-based.

2.Fur hurts! Investigators discovered animals on fur farms suffering from anxiety-induced psychoses, such as neurotically pacing inside their cramped wire cages. Many animals are still alive when they are skinned, and someremain conscious for up to 10 minutes after their skins are ripped off.

3.Leather wrecks the environment. Turning skin into leather requires massive amounts of energy and chemicals; in many cases, the chemicals are haphazardly dumped into nearby lakes, streams, and rivers.

4.Leather keeps factory farms in business. Every time you buy a leather jacket or leather shoes, you sentence animals to a lifetime of suffering. Buying leather keeps factory farms and slaughterhouses in business, since the skins of animals are a profitable byproduct of the meat and dairy industries.

5.You might be wearing Fluffy or Fido. Hundreds of thousands of skins from dogs and cats are traded in Europe each year, with an estimated 2 million dogs and cats killed in China annually.

6.PU leather breathes better. Fake leather clothes won’t leave you sweating like real skins do. Faux materials can be made to be more breathable because they are made by humans, for humans.

7.Synthetics keep you warmer. Fur and leather are only “natural” when they’re on the animal born with them. Synthetic materials are much more wind-resistant and durable than wool or fur.

8.The dictionary says … Merriam-Webster added “pleather” to its Collegiate Dictionary’s Eleventh Edition because the term is so widely used. Pleather yourself—the dictionary says so!

9.Hogs go faux. Harley-Davidson has released a full line of nonleather biker gear—now you can ride without hide!

10.You get more bang for your buck. Synthetic materials are often cheaper than real fur, leather, and wool. Stylish faux alternatives will take a load off your conscience but not your cash flow.

With so many available alternatives nowadays, there’s simply no excuse to continue killing animals for their skin. You can still get a “killer look” without harming animals! Buy yourselve a gorgeous PU leather backpack right away! Explore our collections- https://doitright.store/collections.

by Jason Baker, https://www.petaasia.com

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